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The Scientific Method, Exemplified by Paleontology


As the only way to find out facts about the world, the scientific method is one of the cornerstones of modern civilisation. Its application is not limited to the sciences though. Knowledge and application of the scientific method, even if only intuitively, is critical for having a well-balanced worldview.

In this talk, the tenets of the scientific method will be examined from their philosophical foundations and, to be made relevant, will be showcased using examples from palaeontology in order to see how they are applied in practice. By the end, you will see why the scientific method has achieved its deserved status as the most reliable fact-finding mechanism. You will also gain an appreciation for palaeontology’s importance for evolutionary biology.

* * * * *

This talk is organised by Cyprus FreeThinkers and Enalia Physis Environmental Research Center. It is free and open to all, so please invite anyone who might be interested.

* * * * *

Date: 27 June 2012
Time: 19:00 - 20:00
Location: University of Cyprus (new campus), building ΧΩΔ02, room B204.


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