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Public Lecture: The History of Life on Earth

A history of life on Earth, compressing 4 billion years into 1 hour or so. Starting with the origin of life, through to the origin of animals, then onto the colonisation of land, through the first insects, dinosaurs, their extinction, then the rise of mammals, and finally ending in the Ice Ages and the origin of humans. Date: Wednesday 01 ...

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Public Lecture: Evolution vs. Creationism

Is evolution really the foundation of modern biology? Does evolution explain the origin of humans? Why is evolution taught in school but not creationism? Is the idea of Intelligent Design valid? These questions and more will be answered by palaeontologist Marc Srour in this relaxed and discussional lecture. The lecture is open to all and suitable for all ages, so ...

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Public Lecture: Extinction Rates Through Time

On Monday 30 July, Cyprus FreeThinkers is organising a talk on extinction rates through time, given by Marc Srour at the University of Cyprus. It is free to attend and aimed at the general public, so feel free to come and invite anyone (you can also print out the poster above for advertising). Below are the details. A Facebook events ...

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The Scientific Method, Exemplified By Palaeontology

Note: You can read this post on my own blog. This talk is aimed at the basic, general public level, and is about how science is done through the scientific method, and how to differentiate ideas that belong in the yellow circle downwards from the ideas that are in the nebulous circles outside. To save it from being a very ...

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