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A Few Ground Rules

Welcome to Cyprus Freethinkers

When participating in a group with hundreds of members, a few ground rules are needed to keep things in order. Please keep in mind the following:

  • DO give a brief overview of whatever link, image, article, etc. you post. Try to include introductory text for your post. This helps both in attracting attention and making your post searchable.
  • Do NOT flood the group with posts and/or comments. Try to time your contributions accordingly leaving some time between posts, so that other members can participate too.
  • Do NOT repeat the same thing again and again. It’s annoying. Also see previous.
  • Do NOT troll. Deliberate, intentional attempts to disrupt communication will not be tolerated.
  • Do NOT spam. Posts that are irrelevant to the group will be deleted.
  • Do NOT be deliberately vague and ambiguous. This is not a poetry club. We can’t waste our time second-guessing what everybody’s trying to say. If you are asked to explain something, please do so explicitly.
  • Do NOT ask us to respect beliefs. Not all beliefs are worthy of respect.
  • Do NOT ask us to respect opinions. Not all opinions are worthy of respect and not all opinions have the same validity.
  • Do NOT ask us not to offend. Anybody can feel offended about anything. The freedom to express ourselves is endangered if we concede people the right to silence others whenever they feel offended. Also see F.A.Q.
  • Do NOT ask us not to hurt people’s feelings. See previous.
  • Do NOT tell us Freethinking allows you to say whatever comes to mind. That’s not what Freethinking is. Also see F.A.Q.
  • Do NOT block any admins. We need to be able to enforce the rules.

Members who deviate significantly from the rules above may be banned temporarily. Persistent deviation, however, may result in a permanent ban. We hate both, so please try to behave.

Thank you for your understanding.

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