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Social Fascism: The Final frontier

Marc Twain stated that religion was invented when the first conman met the first fool. Well, same exact thing applies to politics. The authority is rather imaginary but the representatives are very much real. Call it socialism, communism, islamist community or orthodox church. All groups have fascism as a prerequisite because simply there are always those few who rule and those many that have to follow. Those many that follow are indoctrinated to have as a purpose in life to maintain the parameters of those that rule them. Conclusively, sacrifice is not an option but becomes morality itself.


An eye for an eye does not leave the whole world blind as Gandhi mistakenly assumed. It always leave one guy with one eye ruling everyone else. If you doubt this fact just take a look at your football teams, political parties or your employers. This is what I strived to eliminate from the constitution of Cyprus Freethinkers. This is why objective critical thinking fuelled from individual independent minds is of fundamental importance. This is why atheism and elimination of segregation is just an outcome and not the purpose of this group.

Our world faces self-destruction simply because few individuals desire to ensure resources by controlling groups of people. The control of the the group is ensured by allocating scrap resources which include mostly mediocre food, ambiguous medical care, gadgets made for people not interesting in learning, political parties and religions and surely menial jobs to keep this flow happening. Most scientific discoveries occur because the state/democracy needs something and this explains why most discoveries happen during war. If the many ‘want’ there is no ethical line for saving the environment, killing another human being or enslaving 75% of the planet for our benefit (as we are already doing). Governments simply ensure what George Orwell has already pointed out; “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others”.

If we ever perish as a species, it would be simply because of our fear to grow up and be independent entities. This is the exact same reason why we wake up every day and ask ourselves: “What the fuck am I doing with my life?”. The answer is: “You are sacrificing to others and others sacrifice to you until Mr. Suzuki is proven right”.

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