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France’s Democracy intrigued by Islam

There is much heat in France as Muslims are conquering the streets demanding to be treated democratically. They want their way of life lawfully established much like the western ideals have already done. Surprisingly enough many have issues with this settlement and thus they decided to take it on Islam itself - that, apparently - degenerates France.

Religion alone does not contribute to social conflict nor does it stimulate controversy. It needs a stimulus to unleash it’s wrath. Muslims simply want their own thing based on the French system’s political correctness and thereafter ethology. The underlying problem is not religion itself but the framework of the French state that allows such contra fractions to procreate.

The underlying problem is not religion itself but the framework of the French state that allows such contra fractions to procreate

France is one of the most racist countries in the world. Long before Islam arrived, or at least not in such iconic prevalence, the French still practiced vicious nationalism not only to neighboring states, but also in regards to other people’s customs, language and identity. Even amongst the French cities contention boiled frequently and this is more than evident in social gatherings such as football matches and elections. This situation became status-quo, a tradition, and did not hit the headlines as hard as Islam does now.

Civil French intolerance was part of the game, firmly rooted in culture. Muslims were not part of it. Today they act much like the French because they became French. Islam brought its own version of hostility pushing it under the same political premises, under the same hostile culture. The similarities of the issue are easily noted but only from those who choose to look in the right direction. Parochialism towards Islam parades in every street in Europe and is characterized by an intense desire to blame the downfall of society on a specific community that does not meet western ethical standards. The issue of cultural superiority becomes the only issue as the numbers battle to have political representation.

Politics confine individuals into groups that owe to fight in order to survive

Let us imagine the Muslim communities arriving in France and finding themselves in this political ecosystem. The combination of Muslim religion, ethos and customs along with the explosive French malevolence would be a perfect recipe for tension as we are now witnessing. Muslims, like most Europeans adore democracy. They love it a bit more because they have the numbers on their side. Who cares what everyone else things? This is Democracy. Numbers are above everything.

Political systems are structured as such to simply promote this kind of friction with the triumphant numbers claiming privileges over the minorities. Politics confine individuals into groups that owe to fight in order to survive and democracy rallies as their proudest proponent. Whether we talk about LGBT rights, Atheist rights or Muslim rights it doesn’t make any difference. None is above the other until one begins claiming superiority on ethics. Then again, citizens tend to forget that their own ethos is simply an inheritance that has been indoctrinated much like any other cultural tradition. Humans tend to neglect that once their ideology was nothing more than a victory of given majority’s ideas.

Numbers speak in all perceived wavelengths and this might be one of the most exhilarating motivations for politicians to crook along. Under no logical premise can one judge Islam by using Western ideology. Democracy is a rotten institution that is no different than the law of the jungle. Socialists and Fascists are on the rise in almost every country threatening to throw off the border everything they don’t stand for. They pompously avoid the harsh truth - that is - the world is one and we can’t really keep anyone outside of arbitrarily drawn military borders. The market will still knock at the European door when it needs oil or even cheap t-shirts. Everything rolls together on this aimlessly drifting rock. If one is to complain about ideology coercing upon another then better be an anarchist. Supporting any political system will act as a boomerang argument, smashing everything one stand’s for.

Kyriakos Papaspyro

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